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Lead free Aprons

An eco friendly Apparel that replaces lead with the significantly lighter substance. Lead-free Aprons are the alternative to the traditional Lead (Pb) aprons. The weight difference between a lead-free apron and the traditional lead one is significant. This is because of the other metals like Antimony, Barium or Bismuth which have a smaller atomic weight as lead. When used together, Bismuth and Antimony provide similar qualities to lead. Lead-Free aprons have similar attenuation properties to the traditional lead but can weigh up to 15 - 20% less.

The real advantage in using lead free material is that it is not hazardous to the environment such as lead.


  • Professionally designed for an exceptional fit and comfort.
  • Elastic back panels for impove support and comfort
  • Cool Wear moisture-wicking fabric
  • Classic fabric and colors
  • Comfortable shoulder pads

Technical Specifications:

  • Lead equivalence: 0.35mm Pb, 0.50 mm Pb and 1.0 mm Pb
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