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Lead Aprons

Wearing radiation protection lead aprons greatly reduces an individual's exposure to the scattered radiation. The prolonged exposure to X-Rays has been linked to an increased chance of developing various types of cancers. Lead x-ray aprons are often used to reduce exposure to both patients and personnel.

Lead aprons are the most effective personal radiation protection means and should be worn by everyone in the X-ray room. It reduces the dose received by over 90% depending on the energy of X-ray (kVsetting) and lead equivalency of the aprons.

We are most affordable source of X-ray lead aprons in the country. As a manufacturer, we offer wide range of Aprons and all meet or exceed recommended lead equivalency and attenuation rates, but each uses different materials to achieve this.

Regular Lead Apron (XENA ECO): Offers the same proven protection at the best value. You get all the comfort and style, but we keep the cost down by offering a more limited selection offabric and colors. Contains 100% lead and these are the heaviest apron we offer.

Lead Vinyl Apron (XENA OPTIM): Contains 100 % Lead aswell, but are softer and little lighter than Regular Aprons.

Lead Light Apron (XENA LITE): aprons use a mixture of lead & other lighter weight metals making these lead aprons almost 20% lighter than regular lead aprons.

Zero Lead or No-Lead (XENA GREEN): uses 100% non lead attenuating metals to provide complete protection. These aprons are the lightest weight aprons and are also safe for our environmental.

Note: Please refer to our Apparel sizing chart below. If your measurements do not fit within the guidelines above. We can also customize your aprons according to the requirement. We offer Aprons in different colors, Styles, Designs.

STYLES OF LEAD APRONS: Front Protection Aprons, Full Protection wrap around Aprons, Half Apron, Skirt and Vest Aprons.

Features: Loads of features at an economical price.

  • Classic fabric and colors
  • Comfortable shoulder pads
  • Standard Velcro, Buckle or Criss-Cross 1” tie strap
  • Professionally designed for an exceptional fit and comfort.
  • Elastic back panels for increased comfort & Support
  • Cool Wear moisture-wicking fabric

The measurements listed in our product descriptions are the actual sizes of the protective material.

  • Width: guards at least half your circumference;
  • Length: guards from your sternal notch to just above or below the knee, depending on your preference;
  • Around: guards the full circumference listed.
  • Technical Specifications:
  • Lead equivalence 0.25 mm Pb, 0.35 mm Pb, and 0.50 mm Pb
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