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Lead Aprons

lead aprons are the most effective personal radiation protection means and should be worn by everyone In a X-ray room. It reduces the dose received by over 90% depending on the energy of X-ray ( KVsetting) and lead equivalency of the aprons.

We are most affordable source of X-ray lead aprons in the country. As a mnufacturer, we offer wide range of Aprons such as Economy aprons, standard aprons with front protection, Wrap around Aprons, Dental Aprons, Aprons for kids, Lead free Aprons etc.

With lead equivalence of .25mm, .35mm and .50mm Pb.

We can also customize your apron according to the requirement.

Lead Free 1

Lead free Aprons

An eco friendly Aparrel that replaces lead with the significantly lighter substance which provides the same protection as the leaded sheeting. It is of lighter weight and the real advantage in using lead free material is that it is not hazardous to the environment such a s lead.

Thyroid Collars

Thyroid Guard

The increased use of X Ray necessitates the protection of the thyroid gland, in order to diminish thyroid cancer risk. for doctors/ technicians performing X-rays, the usage of thyroid collar is an essential precautions to protect from exposure and xena shields Guard X collar offer premium radiation protection.

Ovary protection/ Gonadal protection:

The most commonly used type of shielding is gonadal shielding. It is used to protect the reproductive organs of patients/ doctors and is used for both male or female.

overlay protection gonadal protection 1
overlay protection gonadal protection 2

Lead Caps

Lead caps are used to protect Doctors/ Patients/ technicians from the occupational head exposure to radiation which may cause radiation induced cataract and an increased risk of brain cancer. Xena Shields Guard X Lead cap provides .50 mm Pb equivalent protection, which can also be worn with Protective Eye wear.

Lead Goggles

The eyes are one of the most sensitive areas of the body, and one of the most vulnerable to radiation. Safeguard them by using Eye Protection from damage by using high-quality lead glasses from Xena Shield for each and every x-ray procedure. We remind medical facilities to take the necessary steps to protect your medical personnel and patients by implementing the use of radiation glasses for your hospital, dental practice, or x-ray lab.

X Ray Goggles

Lead Proction Screen/ Barrier

Xena Shields X Ray shields are the ideal for guarding target areas of a patient/ doctors body during the radiographic procedures and can also rolls smoothly on the castors for effortless portability from room to room. It is also equipped with see through window, allowing doctors/ technician to monitor the patient during procedure.

X Ray Mobile

Lead Gloves

Radiation resistant gloves are often used to offset the risk of the scatter Beam radiation exposure during fluoroscopy, cardiac cath lab procedures. The negative effect of the scattered radiations exposure to the physician/ technicians can be offset by the use of Xena Shields Radiation protection gloves.

We urge you not to discount the importance of the use of lead gloves for the protection from harmful repeat exposure.

Lead Gloves 1
Lead Gloves 2
Operating Table

Lead Curtains

Lead curtains, ceiling mounted or table mounted with optional curtain track, are an ideal and economical solution for the temporary or permanent set ups requiring radiation protection where a fixed wall is not practical. Curtain sections easily hangs and fasten together to cover large areas. Standard protection : .50mm Pb, .35 mm Pb, 1mm Pb equivalent.

Lead Glass

Xena shields Guard X - Lead glass is used as a Windows and shielding in X-ray, radioisotopes laboratories and Nuclear facilities. These glass sheets are ideals for quick improvisation of the direct viewing shields to meet specific problems. Lead Glass provides the protection quivalent of 2.00 mm Thick Lead and offers the ultimate in see through shielding. It is also not tinted for the greater visibility.

Lead Glass
Sheet Lead

Lead Sheet or Sheet Lead

Our Sheet Lead is commonly used in medical radiation construction projects. Lead sheets can be built into walls, doors and frames to protect from X-ray radiations. We offer wide range of lead sheeting to meet the demands of any application. Walls, doors, windows,frames, and more.

Mask 1

Face Shield - Full radiation Protection

We offer a full line of radiation masks to help mitigate the potential hazards posed by prolonged exposure to scatter radiation from electromagnetic rays emitted during X-ray procedures. Our durable, carefully calibrated lead masks can be used by doctors, radiology technicians, patients, and anyone who is exposed to potentially harmful amounts of electromagnetic rays.

The Full Face Shield uses a radiation protective lead impregnated acrylic shield suspended from a dual adjustable headpiece. The Full face shield provides maximum protection due to its larger lead impregnated shield.

Facemask 1
Facemask 2
The adjustable x-ray face shields can be positioned at any angle to dispel scattered radiation waves

Half Face Shield you can angle the mask to protect from radiation in many different positions as well as adjust the size to comfortably fit your head. As with the Half Face Shield you can angle the mask to protect from radiation in many different positions as well as adjust the size to comfortably fit your head.

X Ray Viewer

X-Ray Film Viewer

  • Ultra thin, the whole structure thickness is only 21mm.
  • High brightness, suitable for observing films of different density.
  • Aluminium alloy frame decrease light decay and colour decay; strudy and durable.
  • Light guide plate (LGP); more uniform brightness distribution.
  • The screen size is same as film which avoids light intrference even 14x17 film without light leakage.
  • Brightness adjustable with 9 levels.
Wall Apron Apron Stand

Lead Apron Stand (stainless steel)

We are engaged in offering wide assortment of Lead Apron Stands. Our products are highly recommended amongst the patrons for their best quality. We offer Lead Apron Stands to our patrons in recommended specifications and as per their needs. Moreover, our Lead Apron Stands are widely used.