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Ovary protection/ Gonadal protection

A protective shield is placed on the outside of the body to cover the area of the gonads (the testicles or ovaries) and other parts of the reproductive system during radiation therapy. This is a procedure used to keep a person (male or female) fertile by preventing damage to reproductive organs during radiation therapy.

For males, this would cover the prostate and for females, it would cover the fallopian tubes, uterus, and cervix. Gonad/Ovary shield comes in different design, shapes and sizes.

Half Apron: Also known as Pelvic Apron, Gonad protection provides excellent loin for technician/patient. This lead apron with Velcro or buckle and is available in three regular sizes, plus maternity sizes or purchase as set of (S, M, L).

Pediatric Gonad: Provide critical protection for reproductive organs. The lead aprons standard configuration provides 96% direct beam attenuation at 100 kVp.

Three different material compositions to meet every need:

  • Full Lead Material
  • Lightweight Lead Composite Material
  • Innovative Lead Free tri-layer


  • Ideal to protect the male/female reproductive organ
  • Available in one-size-fits-all and child sizes
  • Designed for ease of wear and removal
  • Adjustable belt for good fit.


  • Lead equivalence0.50 mm Pb and 1.0 mm Pb
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