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Lead Gloves

Radiation resistant gloves are often used to offset the risk of scatter beam radiation exposure during fluoroscopy, cardiac cath lab and electrophysiology lab procedures. However the negative effects of scatter beam radiation exposure to the physicians and assistants can be offset by use of radiation gloves.

We urge you not to discount the importance of the use of Lead Gloves for the protection from the harmful radiation.

We offer 2 different types of lead gloves: (i) Full Protection Lead Gloves and (ii) Sterile Lead Gloves.

(A) Full Protection Lead Gloves:

  • Seamless Lead Vinyl Gloves
  • Seamless Lead Lite Gloves
  • Lead Vinyl Mittens
  • Lead Lite Slit Mittens.


  • 0.50 mm, .35 mm, .25 mm Pb Equivalency
  • Tough, Durable vinyl outer covering
  • Soft, Flexible and Comfortable
  • Many colors to choose from

Lead Equivalence: 0.25 mm Pb, 0.35 mm Pb, and 0.5 mm Pb

(B) Sterile Lead Gloves:

Our Lead & Latex free Radiation protection gloves provide increased protection from direct X-Ray beam and scattered radiation exposure during any fluoroscopic procedure. Designed to offer greater flexibility, dexterity, sensitivity and maintain tactile feel.

Composed of Lead free, Latex free, synthetic rubber formulation. These gloves are disposable and powder free to avoid contamination. Attenuation Rate: 40% @ 100 kVp.

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