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Dental Lead Apron

Dental lead apron: lead dental apron is for dental radiology. Front protection with thyroid protection. Our aprons provide radiation protection for patients during intra-oral radiography. The aprons are made of proprietary alloy sheeting that provides the same protection as lead but are up to 30% lighter. Aprons can also be made as panoramic ponchos.


  • Lead equivalence of 0.25mm, 0.35mm, 0.50 mm
  • Made from our standard weight, Lightweight Lead, unless otherwise requested
  • Manufactured using multiple thin layers of protective sheet for maximum flexibility.
  • Various easy-clean cover options including PU/PV solid colours, patterns, polyesters.
  • New fully bound comfort binding, in a choice of red, black or blue (we normally select the colour to match your apron, unless specified)
  • Adjustable velcro fastening around the neck for thyroid
  • Available in adult and child size
  • All aprons and accessories are made to order

Additional Information

Title Value
Apron Lead Equivalency 0.25mm, 0.35mm, 0.50 mm
Apron Size Adult, Child
Apron Colour Black, Burgundy, Blue, Grey, Pink, Green, Purple, Red, Rosa, Royal Blue, White, Yellow
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