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Wrap Around Apron Full Protection

Wrap Around Apron : One piece full protection Apron style easier to wear for longer periods of time due to the much reduced weight hanging for your shoulders. It features a Velcro fastening for closure, with the option of a zip fastening if preferred. For added security there is an additional fastening on the shoulder to provide a secure, comfortable fit. With the addition of a Weight Adjuster Belt, weight is alleviated from the shoulders and makes long-term use much more feasible. The apron has a wide Velcro fastening with FULL Overlap OPTION for more protection.

There is also an option of Sleeves if required for full protection


  • Choice of lead equivalence of 0.25mm with 0.50mm at Wrap over point or 0.50mm with 1.0mm at wrap over point
  • Choice core material of Standard Weight, Lightweight Lead, and Lead-Free.
  • Manufactured using multiple thin layers of protective sheet for maximum flexibility
  • Various easy-clean cover options including PU/PV solid colours, patterns, polyesters
  • New fully bound comfort binding, in a choice of red, black or blue (we normally select the colour to match your apron, unless specified)
  • Padded shoulders for increased wearer comfort
  • Wide velcro fastening for a secure fit, with option of safety-clip on the shoulder
  • Option for sleeves also available
  • Various personalization options including colours, and pockets
  • All aprons are made to order

Additional Information

Title Value
Weight N/A
Apron Lead Equivalency 0.25Pb, 0.35Pb, 0.50 mm
Core Material standard weight, Lead-Free, and Lightweight Lead
Apron Size Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
Apron Colour Burgundy, Blue, Grey, Pink, Green, Green, Purple, Red, Rosa, Royal Blue, White, Yellow
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